Tutoring Sessions

Success In Learning was built with the focus on individualized, one-on-one tutoring. Through this, the strongest learning takes place. Our individual sessions are one hour-long, and include just the student and a NYS certified educator. No other distractions! Our certified educators tutor in their certified subjects. So, our Math tutors tutor Math; our Social Studies tutors tutor Social Studies. It just makes sense! The sessions focus on how to help each student, the best way possible. We understand that each student learns in different ways, so we specifically focus on each student and customize each tutoring session. Our sessions don’t split the hour between multiple students, nor do they use cookie-cutter type lesson plans. Each session is specifically designed for the student, their skills, and their goals.

Success In Learning also offers group sessions during the school year, and summer camps while school is out. These sessions include up to 6 students, and each have a specific focus. Whether it’s around mid-term tests or finals, to increase the class grade or to work on something creative, these group sessions are another way to increase student learning and achievement.

How can Success In Learning help your student? Don’t have your student play the catchup game. Let Success In Learning keep them moving forward. Contact us today!


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